Swan Surgery, Dragging Wing

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I participated in wing surgery on a beautiful white swan a couple of days ago.  The swan was dragging her left wing and did not have any use of it; she merely dragged it behind her.  It was felt that the swan was not dealing well with her new disability and would not recover from her … Read More

We Take Your Privacy and Security Seriously, SSL Encryption Has Been Fully Implemented!

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption has been implemented.  All transactions are SSL encrypted for your security and protection.   We have chosen to implement and advanced SSL Certificate to ensure encryption across all devices.  From desktops, laptops, tablets and even smart phones the SSL is fully compatible and in effect.  Look for HTTPS: and/or the padlock … Read More

Beak Appetit, Birdie Toys, Birdstuff Diets, Bizy Bird, Booda Comfy Perch, Brainy Bird Toys, Penn Plax, and Tucson Manzanita Images Added.

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We have added almost 100 more images for pet bird items today.  Images from the  following manufacturers were added: Beak Appetit – foods, Birdie Toys – bird toys, Birdstuff – Hookbill diet, Bizy Bird – avian toys, Booda Comfy Perch – twisted rope perches, Brainy Bird Toys – toys for all sizes of birds, Penn Plax, … Read More

Over 600 Images Added, Still Having SSL Problems

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In the last two days we have loaded over six hundred images.  A few are not the best quality.  They will be replaced in the future.   We are still experiencing Secure Socket Layer problems.  We believe the problem lies in our database.  We are working to correct it.   Thanks for bearing with us while … Read More

Images are coming!

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We are researching and editing each and every image. We are striving to perfect every image for scaling from desktop to laptop to tablet to mobile device. This is taking a lot more time than we anticipated, please be patient as we are working very hard. Images are being added daily. Thanks for visiting!