Heated Perches, Your Bird Needs One, Every Day of the Year!

Why does your bird need a heated perch? Because in the wild any bird that shows any signs of being in less than perfect health or being cold is the prime target for predators. Birds do everything possible to disguise any form of discomfort or illness from predators and from you. We use heated perches year … Read More

The African Grey, Continued…

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I have been delaying this post awaiting some answers that just don’t seem to be coming. In the previous post I wrote about an African Grey that we performed surgery on. The Grey suddenly started plucking out the feathers on his tail. An X-Ray revealed an unexplained mass the size of a small marble in his … Read More

Moments later the duck was in full flight, anesthesia mask, tube, bag and all!

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Ducks and other waterfowl have what is called a “diving reflex”.  In the diving reflex mode waterfowl essentially shut down their breathing to increase the amount of time they can stay submerged.  Diving animals can carry large amounts of air within their lungs as they dive.  Approximately 52 percent of a waterfowl’s buoyancy comes from the … Read More

Lots of Questions on Anesthesia!

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Thank you for all the questions about avian anesthesia. Let me see if I can answer the biggest one first. Forane (Isoflurane) has been administered in human and animal trials and found to be effective in inducing a state of unconsciousness suitable for surgery. We administer it by inhalation after being vaporized and mixed with oxygen. … Read More

Avian Blood Transfusion

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Let me tell you about a pet bird patient that I helped with this week.  The bird was brought in because “it was not acting right”, it was sluggish and seemed very tired.  The bird was one of those pets that you cannot help but love.  It sat quietly and enjoyed being handled and petted.   … Read More

Swan Surgery, Dragging Wing

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I participated in wing surgery on a beautiful white swan a couple of days ago.  The swan was dragging her left wing and did not have any use of it; she merely dragged it behind her.  It was felt that the swan was not dealing well with her new disability and would not recover from her … Read More