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No ads, No pop-ups, No clutter!

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You will not find any advertisements or clutter on your screen. We have eliminated all of the distractions and focus solely on bringing you an excellent selection of companion bird products.

Why no ads?

You are exposed to advertising virtually everywhere on the web. We have decided not to put any advertisements on our website; you just don’t need or want it. We want your shopping experience to be as pleasant and as streamlined as possible. Looking at the statistics, many repeat customers complete their order in less than two minutes.

Why no pop-ups?

Recently malicious hackers have been installing malware on a user’s computer/smartphone by breaking into a site and displaying a pop-up box (on top of the regular page) to get the user click on a button. Once the button is clicked unwanted software is installed on your device. Our site has no pop-up boxes or message boxes for your protection. We constantly scan our servers looking for suspicious behavior as well as any unauthorized changes. We are prepared to take our website off-line should any such activity warrant it.

Why no clutter?

We find that our customers do not want to look at charts, graphs or pretty pictures. They just want to shop in a visually pleasing environment. No one wants to have to search between the graphics for the items they are looking for.

What to expect?

If you sign-up for our newsletter, we ask for only the minimal information necessary to honor your request.

If you place an order with us, we collect only the information necessary to process and deliver your order as quickly as possible.

No one will ever ask you for your password or payment details. For your protection only your basic information is available to us. Your payment details are held by the bank and we cannot access them. The only information we receive from the bank is that your payment has been successfully processed. We receive that information seconds after you complete your order.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Service@BirdFeet.Net. Our leadership team reviews each and every comment or request.

Respectfully yours, Craigm

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